Spring Forward 5 Miler at Forest Park

Spring Forward with a 5 Miler at Forest Park! There really isn't a better way to put it. Just don't blame us if you forget to set your clocks forward an hour!

Everyone that came out to the Toy Drive 5 Miler this past December will see a setup just about the same this time around. Starting point is very close to the intersection of Metropolitan Avenue and Forest Park Drive. We ask that you arrive before the 10:00am starting time. Looking forward to seeing you at Forest Park once again!

Boston Marathon Shuttle

   Congratulations in getting confirmed to participate in an event that is much more than just a marathon for the City of Boston. We would love to be there in setting up transportation for you from New York to Boston and back on Marathon Monday. We are finalizing a deal with Skyliner Tours and Bus and we thank them in helping arrange the transportation needs of New York's runners for such important events. Tickets will start out at $80, seats will sell quickly as the tickets will be sold at $100 come March.